New Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

Your kitchen cabinets are the foundation of a modern home and your lifestyle. You can easily make this foundation a lot more practical by upgrading the look and the functionality of your kitchen cabinets. A few of the ways to add spice is with decorative colors, new finishes, and hardware. No matter the style you want or like, the best kitchen designs will inspire you to upgrade, and the space-saving tips will make those new designs in your kitchen functional. 

Top Style Trends of 2020

  • Use Metal. You can use metal in a couple of different ways. You can use it to create the whole cabinet, which gives you a stylish and durable alternative to wooden cabinets. Or if you have always liked the look of glass fronts on your cabinets but are a little nervous about people seeing straight into your cabinets, a current trend is to use metal grates for the fronts of your cabinets. That will give you a modern look, while only allowing a small peek inside of those cabinets.
Dream Kitchen
  • Whitewashed cabinets are a great way to bridge the gap in a multi-colored kitchen and yet still keep a low profile. A gray whitewash can help soften the contrast between black and white cabinets. This effect is achievable by opting for an ash wood or whitewashing your existing brown cabinets.
  • Paint the interior of the cabinets to add a fun surprise using a bright accent color found in the room. That is a great way to experiment whether or not you can live with bright colors in your space.
  • Glossy fronts will help warm up your kitchen by reflecting natural light. You can do this by either painting those fronts using a lacquer finish. Either of these designs can be done in different colors if you are ready to go bold in your design.
  • A rustic approach to your kitchen is achievable in a few ways. You can wire brush to distress the cabinet fronts before staining to add an aged look to your cabinets. You can also achieve this look by using mixed materials like conventional bottom cabinets and then rustic beams for the uppers to add shelving to hold your dishes.

Top Space-Saving Tips

  • Corner cabinets: Long gone are the days of the lazy susan corner cabinet. We would recommend customizing your cabinets to fit into the corners. They will add plenty of space to store those large counter appliances. If that doesn’t suit you, you can opt for two small cabinets that would be a great place to store cutting boards, trays or baking sheets.
  • Try pullout storage. Great space-saving designs might include a pullout cabinet for spices or other dry goods. That helps keep your cabinets organized but also keeps everything within easy reach.
  • Add storage above or around a window. In your kitchen, every extra storage space will go used. If you add a shelf above your window, it will give you a little extra space to display art or your fancy dinnerware.
  • Hang items on the wall. Most have seen the trend of hanging pots and pans, there are also plenty of ways to hang serving and cooking utensils, but you could also create ways to hang things like cutting boards. All of the space in your cabinets while give you a little extra functionality by keeping them close at hand.
  • Add storage to your new kitchen island. Some ways to do this is do add shelving, doors, or drawers to both sides of your island.