Commercial remodel costs will vary depending on the size of the space and how elaborate the layout and finishes are. There is no set per square foot cost for commercial remodeling, but it will depend on the design and what is requested in terms of product and finishes.

New Builds

New commercial buildings costs will vary on layout, number of floors and the extent of the finishes of the number of internal units. Some units are intentionally left unfinished for future tenants to finish. New commercial builds can range from $325 a square foot and up without the cost of the land. Those costs do include the cost of design, engineering, and permit but do not cover the costs of taps and some of the surprise costs the city imposes in terms of Right of Way, replacing sidewalks and alleys, etc because they want you to upgrade the area around you.

These types of costs can’t be predicted and will be added to the build cost when the City requests these to be done in return for approving the project permit. The time for a permit to be approved for a new commercial building can be as short as 3 months and can be 2 years depending on the review process and the workload of the jurisdiction. The time to complete a commercial project can be as short as 9 months and can range to several years depending on the size and extent of the finish of the new build.

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