Imagine Your Perfect Dream Home

Everyone dreams of that perfect home that will give them the space that every family member needs or wants. It is great just to let your imagination run free and plan that perfect dream home. The problem is that many dream projects quickly become nightmares, but following a few tips will help you realize your dreams of a custom home

Tips for Building Your Dream Home

  1. Use recommended professionals for your build. We all have that relative that knows a guy or has a friend who can help save some money. Make sure you do your research on whoever you are hiring to help build your home. It starts with hiring a good architect and then hiring the best general contractor you can trust and work alongside. Many people try and save money by doing everything themselves, but a good general contractor will save you time, money, and countless headaches.
  2. Know what you want and what the non-negotiables are. You have dreamt about this home for a while and have now hired the best contractor you can find, and you trust them. Know what you want for your house and what you don’t have to have. How many bedrooms do you want? What about outdoor space? Are these dreams realistic in your budget? If not, what are the must-haves that you want to make this home your dream home?
  3. Build for your future. If this is your dream home, is it also your forever home. If so, make sure you plan for your future and not just for the immediate needs of the present. Your children will not be little forever, and you should plan at least ten years down the line. What about the age and needs of your parents or yourselves? Does a downstairs master bedroom make sense?
  4. Avoid trends. If this is your forever home, make sure you are careful building towards short-lasting design trends. We have all seen those dome-style homes that looked great and were all the hype for a few years. Now they are not so easy to sell. While some trends like an open concept kitchen are here to stay, don’t go wild, spending too much money on trending fixtures and features that might make your home seem dated in five years.
  5. Don’t overbuild. Be careful when designing those large single-purpose rooms. Sure, that large playroom or workout space sounds great, but will you use it for years to come? Before you finalize your plans and start building, take a look at your neighborhood. Will your house be the most expensive one on the block? If so, consider the fact that you might be in trouble if you ever decide to sell.
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