Small Bathroom Makeover To Get Extra Space

Even if you have a small bathroom, you want it to be comfortable, functional, and appealing. If you feel that your existing bathroom can be more of these things, consider a bathroom makeover.

When you are remodeling an existing space, make sure that you are focusing on planning the area well. Look for some inspiration online and get help from experts for your bathroom remodel. Here we take a look at some tips you can follow.

Plan the Storage Spaces Well

Everyone likes to have some storage space in their bathroom for toiletries, bath towels, and other essentials. You want to accommodate all of these items during your bathroom remodel, so try to see where you can fit in sleek and non-intrusive storage features and cabinets. For example, if you have a small niche in the wall or even some space behind an existing door, consider using it to create a narrow shelf. 

Upgrade your bathroom and make it beautify, cozy and functional.

This also allows you to easily access all the items, rather than having a deep cabinet placed on the floor. You can also use the space behind your mirror as a hideaway storage space for storing medicines or more. Build bathroom cabinets that complement the look and styling of your vanity.

Other Design Tips For Compact Bathrooms

In addition to planning the right kind of storage features, there are some other aspects you can focus on to add spaciousness to a compact bathroom such as:

  • Install large mirrors and focus on using the height of your bathroom to create an illusion of space.
  • Use lighter colors as they will make a smaller bathroom look bigger.
  • Make sure you have a fair amount of natural light flowing through a window as it will make your bathroom look cheery and bigger.
  • If you have space, install a pocket door. Standard bathroom doors swing inwards and eat into the usable floor space behind them. Instead, a pocket door retracts into the wall, is non-intrusive, and maximizes a compact bathroom’s footprint. You would have to reframe the wall to install this feature, but it is perfect for smaller bathrooms.

Following these tips during your bathroom remodel will help you get more out of the available space. Proper planning, selecting sleek features, choosing the right kinds of lighting elements, and installing mirrors will make your small bathroom makeover a spectacular success.

Get Ready For A Kitchen Makeover!

The kitchen in most homes is a crucial space and a hardworking one too. The features and installations here see heavy use daily, causing them to look old sooner. The steam, water, and moisture can affect finishes and materials, and food and liquid spills result in stains and wear over time.

If you feel that your kitchen is looking old and dated, why not opt for a kitchen makeover? But kitchen remodeling requires some amount of creativity and skill, and you need to hire professionals that will provide their insights and ideas for your kitchen.

What to Know Before Kitchen Remodeling

Creating the perfec tkitchen is all about balancing functionality, ease of movement, and practicality. You need to focus on using durable materials that are easy to maintain. Also, the features and fixtures have to look great and be long-lasting too. But that isn’t all; there are many different things to think of before you start on your custom kitchen remodeling project:

A kitchen upgrade will boost your home’s curb appeal while providing a quality space to enjoy with the family.
  • Consider whether you need a partial or full remodel and whether you need the project completed in one shot or in stages.
  • Determine whether the movement flow is correct or if you need some changes. If yes, you need to discuss your requirements with the designers, and they will show you altered floor plans and layouts.
  • Decide how much countertop space you need and what the layout should be.
  • Plan how much storage space you need.
  • Check the latest materials and kitchen design trends, but make sure that the aesthetic of your new kitchen blends with the rest of your home.
  • Create a good movement flow, so that the space is designed to be comfortable and practical.
  • Make sure that you have a budget and then discuss that with the experts that are handling the job.

Always Consult/Hire Experienced Professionals

When you are getting kitchen remodeling done, you must hire professionals with knowledge and experience. They will provide you with their inputs and various design and material options based on discussions they have with you. The company will also make sure that the best materials and installation techniques are used, so you have a perfect kitchen that suits your needs and lifestyle. They will handle the entire project from start to finish and make sure that the solutions they provide fit perfectly into your budget and that every stage of your custom kitchen makeover is completed on schedule.

Commercial Remodeling Options That Will Boost Your Business’ Productivity

interior lobby

If you are considering remodeling your commercial space, it can seem like a significant undertaking. However, there are numerous benefits to renovating the office and retail spaces.

One of the best ways to ease the process and ensure that it is seamless is to hire an experienced commercial remodeling company. They would be able to provide you various ideas and options on improving the usability, safety, and functionality of the space while focusing on aesthetics.

Commercial Remodel Benefits

There are numerous benefits to getting commercial building upgrades done, and here we take a look at what they are:

Providing a great work space to your staff will boost their productivity.
  • When you focus on employee comfort, your staff will be more encouraged to come into work. When they are comfortable in their work setting, it will also help to improve their productivity.
  • However, that isn’t the only benefit. When you have well designed and well planned interior spaces and upgraded amenities, it enhances the overall customer experience. You can add installations and features that make your customers feel more welcome. The right kind of elements, spaces, and features on your commercial premises can elevate customer experience and retention.
  • Using suitable quality materials and making sure that the features and elements in all the areas are installed correctly reduces the cost of maintenance for you as well.

Custom Commercial RemodelingTips

You can benefit in several ways by getting commercial building upgrades done. However, you need to hire skilled and experienced operators and ensure that all the features are thoughtfully planned and carefully installed. Here are some tips for your commercial remodeling project:

  • Survey the entire area, including the entryways, hallways, office spaces, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, and restrooms.Make a note of which features or spaces are looking dull dated or out-of-sync with the rest of the areas.
  • Focus on creating more comfortable layouts that offer an excellent movement flow in the available space.
  • Ensure that all the spaces in your commercial establishment have the right amount of illumination. Adequately lighting adds a cheery and lively atmosphere that improves staff productivity.
  • Safety is another aspect to focus on while planning commercial settings.
  • Maintain cohesiveness in design and styling and ensure that it aligns with your corporate image and branding.

Skilled and experienced designers would be able to provide you with details of layouts, plans, installations, materials, various other aspects like ventilation and lighting, etc., during your commercial remodeling project.

Tips To Plan Your Bathroom’s Perfect Upgrade

Bathroom renovations can be tricky, challenging, and fun. A well-designed bathroom will positively impact your lifestyle, putting you in the right mindset at the start of the day. If you plan your bathroom upgrade properly, it will last for a long time and provide a comfortable environment. Here’s a look at what you need to consider while planning the perfect renovation.

Consider the Budget

The budget is the most crucial factor to consider because it is easy to overspend on these renovations. The average cost of a bathroom upgrade can range from $5,900 to $14,900, with the national average being approximately $10,400. However, uncontrolled renovation projects can be as expensive as $25,000 if you’re not careful.

While searching for suggestions on how to ‘remodel my bathroom’ online, look at the average costs of critical components like countertops, storage, toilet fixtures, shower systems, bathtubs, lighting, etc. This will help you determine how much you want to spend on each component. You can then cut out certain features based on your priorities.

Consult with experienced professionals and get multiple quotes for bathroom renovations. You can then compare these quotes to determine which contractor offers the best deal.

Set a firm budget at the beginning of the project with some room for unexpected expenses. Don’t compromise on it unless it is necessary to do so. That’s the only way you can save money and still get the bathroom of your dreams.

The perfect combination of materials and style will boost your bathroom design.

Materials, Functionality, and Beauty

Once budget planning is out of the way, homeowners can focus on materials, functionality, and appearance. Here’s a look at what you need to consider in these categories:

  • Materials – You need to choose materials that fit the budget but also last for a long time. The bathroom environment is warm and humid, which means components can break down fast and cause problems. Popular bathroom materials include ceramic tiles, marble, steel, granite, and glass. All of these options can handle the bathroom environment well.
  • Functionality – Consider the functionality of the bathroom carefully. Do you really need a tub? Do you need plenty of storage space for your large collection of skincare products? Does the bathroom need to include facilities for disabled or elderly family members? Plan the design according to your particular requirements.
  • Beauty – Pick a bathroom theme that suits your tastes and fits in well with the property’s architecture. Popular themes include contemporary, Asian-inspired, beach-themed, minimalist, and Victorian.

Look online for inspirations to ‘remodel my bathroom.’ Collect some pictures or reference material for your contractor, so they have a clear idea of what you want.

Avoid These Mistakes When Planning Your New Custom Home Design

blue siding house

Building a custom home is a massive project that requires a lot of planning and investment. You must sure the space is suitable for long-term living, able to accommodate your family’s needs. Hire experienced designers and architects to help you with these projects as they have the skill needed to create stable buildings. These projects can quickly get out of hand if you’re not careful.

Biggest Design Mistakes

A lot of things can go wrong on such a large scale project if you don’t approach it carefully. An experienced custom house builder will know how to avoid severe mistakes and ensure your home looks excellent. Here’s a look at some of the biggest design mistakes to avoid:

  • Poor Planning – Poor planning is one of the biggest mistakes you can make while building custom homes. It is essential to take your lifestyle and priorities into consideration before building a house. 
  • Not Using Space Optimally –A big entertainment room or home gym might sound appealing, but unless you have a big lot, they can be a waste of space. You need to use space optimally while building a custom home. Choose a bigger bedroom instead of including an unrequired walk-in closet.
  • Poor Lighting – A well-lit home doesn’t just look good, but also has a positive impact on your mental health. Poorly lit homes feel dull and oppressive, which can take a toll on your mood. Make sure there’s plenty of natural light flooding into the indoor spaces. 
  • Placement of Essential Rooms – Plan the placement of essential rooms carefully. Kitchens should be close to entrances, so it is easier to take groceries to it. Bedrooms should be away from main streets and noisy areas to ensure they are quieter.
cozy small area
Proper planing will allow you to take advantage of your space with style and functionality.

A reliable custom home builder will ensure the spaces are comfortable, and the property’s design lives up to the latest standards.

The Best Homebuilding Materials

It is essential to choose the right materials for home building because they influence the structure’s durability. Here’s a look at some of the best materials:

  • Brick is one of the most durable building materials available today. It can last for centuries and is very affordable.
  • Stone is also excellent building material. While it is more expensive than brick, it is also very durable and can handle all kinds of weather well.
  • Concrete is used in construction worldwide and is one of the most reliable materials available today.
  • Wood is flexible, attractive, and light-weight, which makes it an excellent choice for home building.

Other popular materials include steel, bamboo, rammed earth, etc. People are turning towards more eco-friendly materials today to reduce their impact on the environment.

Most Popular Bathroom Upgrades Today

Modern homeowners spend thousands of dollars on bathroom remodels to ensure these spaces feel comfortable. They experiment with different styles, draw inspiration from current trends, and add personal touches to make it their own. Here’s a look at some of the most popular bathroom styles and trends today so you can find something that appeals to you:

Different Bathroom Styles

There are too many impressive bathroomdesigns to list down, and homeowners love to experiment. However, some designs are more popular than others; here’s a look at them:

Make your bathroom beautiful, cozy and functional.
  • Victorian – The Victorian bathroom is luxurious yet restrained with jewel-tone tiles, floral prints, gold trims, pedestal sinks, and more. People choose this design for their bathroom remodel because it is timeless.
  • Transitional – The transitional style is a mix of modern and vintage, which makes it the perfect choice for today’s homes. Modern elements can include sleek bathtubs, countertops, and sinks while the vintage features can be framed-cabinetry, ornate handles, traditional copper faucets, and pipes, etc.
  • Asian Style – The Asian style is minimalist, clean, and organic. There’s a lot of open space with polished wood and soft brown, cream, or beige tones. The atmosphere is peaceful, meditative, and easy to maintain.
  • Beach Style – The beach style bathroom provides a very relaxed atmosphere. It is characterized by soft blue and green tones, white countertops, decorative elements that represent the beach such as sand, seashells, and ocean-themed artwork, etc. This style is popular because the bathroom looks bright and airy.
  • Contemporary – The contemporary bathroom has several modern minimalist fixtures and clean lines. There’s a lot of free space, which makes this bathroom easier to maintain. This style uses a contrast of light and dark shades. So, you have clean white bathtubs, sinks, countertops, etc., with dark wood paneling, walls, and accents.  

Other popular styles to consider during bathroom restoration include traditional, industrial, cottage-style, and ultra-modern.

Most Popular Materials Used

Bathrooms have a damp, warm environment, and not all materials are suitable for them. When you plan a bathroom restoration, it is essential to choose the materials carefully. The most popular and resilient options include:

  • Ceramic tiles for walls and floors
  • Glass for shower stalls
  • Quartz for countertops
  • Vinyl tiles for floors
  • Copper and brass for faucets
  • Stainless steel for plumbing installations

Good-quality materials improve the bathroom’s lifespan and will help you save money on repairs. Hire an experienced contractor to make sure your new bathroom looks great and lasts for a long time.

Most Popular Counter Tops To Go With Your New Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart and soul of a home, so it isn’t surprising that most people want to ensure it always looks beautiful. A new kitchen remodel is an excellent investment as it improves the room’s appearance and the property’s value at the same time. 

Countertops are some of the most critical elements of a kitchen, and they often catch the eye as soon as you enter it. Here’s a look at some popular countertop options to consider while you are thinking ‘I want to renovate my kitchen’:

Popular Countertop Materials

Kitchen countertops come in a wide range of colors, textures, and materials. You can choose something that fits in perfectly with the overall aesthetic of the space. Here’s a look at the options available:

A good material selection will boost your kitchen’s appearance.
  • Granite – Granite is probably the most popular kitchen countertop material in the market today. Homeowners love it because it is available in a wide range of colors ranging from jet black to snow white. The stone is strong, durable, and elegant, which makes granite a great choice.
  • Marble – Everyone loves marble kitchens because few stones look more luxurious or visually appealing. Marble may be a difficult material to maintain because of its vulnerability to acids and stains, but it is still an excellent countertop material if you use it carefully.
  • Quartz – Quartz is a manufactured stone material that is available in a wide range of colors and designs. It is resilient, durable, and has none of the granite or marble vulnerabilities, which is why many people choose quartz for their kitchen. It successfully replicates the appearance of natural stone, so it isn’t easy to see a difference. 
  • Metal – Metal countertops are popular in commercial kitchens because they are easier to clean and more hygienic. They are resilient and give your kitchen a very modern appearance.

Other countertop materials to use in a kitcheninclude slate, tile, wood, and laminate. All materials have their pros and cons, and it is a good idea to consult with an expert before a new kitchen remodel.

Mistakes to Avoid

  • Always choose a countertop based on how you use the kitchen. Busy kitchens need sturdy materials.
  • Choose a countertop with the right thickness.
  • Don’t install something that clashes with the color and styling of your kitchen.
  • Don’t ignore budgeting before shopping for a countertop. It is easy to overspend.

Thinking ‘I should renovate my kitchen’? Just make sure you have a definite plan and look for inspiration online before starting on the project.

Strategic Areas To Renovate To Boost Your Home’s Resale Valueft

Many homeowners embark upon renovation or remodeling projects to uplift the look and functionality of their property. The right kind of home improvements can also increase the comfort and value of your property. But it’s crucial to plan these renovations well and hire custom home construction experts, so you get an excellent return on investment. 

Strategic Home Renovations

Here are some ways to spruce up the beauty, functionality, and value of your property:

1. Kitchen and Bathroom Upgrades

Renovating these hardworking spaces is an excellent way to up the value of your home. Check which features need replacement, plan the layout well for a better movement flow. Choose resilient and easy-to-maintain products like granite for countertops and tiles for floors and walls. Make sure you hire proven experts that will help with the design and installation for the best, durable features.

wide pic closeup wine shelve
Learn the best areas to upgrades your home.

2. New Flooring

Installing new flooring in the living and dining room spaces can transform the look of your home. Consider using robust materials like hardwood, tile, and laminates. All of these materials are low maintenance and last longer, which means you get a good return on investment.

4. Add a New Deck Or Patio

Outdoor living is a trend that is here to stay. If you do not have these structures on your property already, consider getting either a deck or patio installed. These elements can extend your home’s indoor areas while allowing you to use the outdoor spaces optimally. You can opt for a cedarwood deck or a paver patio based on the available space and your preferences.

Custom Home Addition

If you need more living space in your house, consider getting a second story built, a bedroom over the garage, or even a sunroom or home office extension for your home. These are significantly larger projects that need detailed planning. Work with a proven custom home construction company that would provide custom solutions to your needs. They would guide you with every aspect, including design, planning, and material selection, so that you can make better-informed decisions. The company will also be able to handle the actual construction work for you. You must never compromise on quality, so you have a great custom home addition that will serve your family’s needs well while providing an excellent return on investment.

Tips To Select Your New Custom Kitchen’s Materials

If you are getting a kitchen installed for a new build or renovating an existing one, you would want to ensure that it is resilient, looks great, is easy to maintain, and lasts long.

Conduct Research and Choose Smartly

For all of this to happen, you must choose the right kind of materials for your new custom kitchen construction.  This space in your home will see a significant amount of wear and tear, making it necessary to choose the materials prudently.

Selecting the best materials is vital in your new kitchen project.

Tips To Select Kitchen Materials

Here are some fundamental aspects to keep in view while choosing materials for your kitchen:

  • One of the first aspects to take into consideration for your kitchen is the cost.  Create a budget well in advance so that you do not overspend. This is even more crucial during new building construction as you want to be spending on various other features and installations in your home. A skilled and professional company would be more than happy to work on your kitchen design within your budget.
  • There will be many kitchen designing trends, but it is best to select something that complements the aesthetics of your home. For instance, sometimes, the latest design trends may dictate that you should use chrome and glass prominently. But if the other areas in your house have been designed on a more traditional architectural theme, it is better to opt for something to suit that aesthetic.
  • Always keep functionality and ease of maintenance in view while selecting any materials and never compromise on this aspect while focusing on appearance.
  • Pay extra attention to the countertop material as this would see daily use. Make sure that it is scratch-resistant, fade-resistant, seamless, and easy to clean.
  • Choose a good splashback material when you are getting your new custom kitchen construction done. 
  • Focus on having the right lighting fixtures and fittings and opt for task lighting as well as ambient lighting.
  • Choose the flooring materials with care; select something that will not be affected by food spills and liquid stains.
  • Always look for hardware that is aesthetically appealing yet hardy so that you don’t have to replace it anytime soon.

Creating an appealing and charming kitchen that will be comfortable to use, while being in line with your lifestyle requirements,  involves conducting some research.  It’s a good idea to work with skilled new building construction professionals who would be able to help you with the right material selections.

Add Value To Your Home With a New Deck Installation

The outdoor areas of your home are a value-add in many ways. They allow you some open space where you and your family can spend some relaxed moments. But one of the best ways to make optimal use of the available yard spaces is to get a new deck installed.

Why Opt For Outdoor Deck Construction?

A deck addition can boost your home’s curb appeal while providing a great outdoor space.

A well-planned deck creates a zone that allows you to enjoy the outdoor spaces while extending the indoor living areas. You have the option to either enclose the deck or leave it open to the air, depending on your needs. Many homeowners also like the idea of extending the deck, so it is part of their poolscape.

No matter what type of deck construction you opt for, this feature can become the perfect spot to relax and entertain guests. Also, if you opt for a semi-covered deck, you can enjoy the outdoor weather without being exposed directly to the elements.

Aspects to Consider In Deck Construction

While a deck is an excellent addition to your home, you need to plan it with care and attention to detail. Some aspects to focus on include:

  • Material- Choose materials that will be durable, easy to maintain, and long-lasting. Many people like the look of a classic wooden deck. Today, there are materials like vinyl or composite that can be used in deck construction as well, and these are available in a variety of colors and finishes. Some of the finishes also mimic the appearance of wood. 
  • Design- When you are getting a new deck added to an existing structure, you must make sure that the overall layout, styling, and materials complement the look and architectural styling of your home. 

This focus will help to ensure that the feature doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb in your yard. Depending on the available space and your preferences, determine whether you want a multi-leveled deck and ensure that the structure is proportionate to your house.

  • Railings- Since the deck would be elevated, you might want to consider getting railings installed as these features help to make the deck area safer. You can choose the types of balustrades and railings you prefer, or based on the material used in deck construction.

Hire the services of skilled remodelers that offer custom outdoor deck construction services. They will work with you to ensure your new deck is in line with your needs and budget.